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Maestro - Midi Player Tool Kit

Midi Player Tool Kit is a package for Unity able to play music in your application. Three methods are available:

  • From Midi file:
    • Download Midi files from the web. Thank to the huge Midi library available from the net!
    • Add theses Midi files to MPTK with the dedicated MPTK windows.
    • Play !
  • From an algorithm of your own in your application:
    • Generate each notes with volume, note pitch, preset, duration, ...
    • Have a look to the demo TestMidiStream.
  • From a keyboard or synthesizer connected to a Midi port (version pro).


Main Fonctions:

  • Based on Unity AudioSource and SoundFont, there is no need of an external synthesizer. No scripting C# or JS is mandatory: a specific inspector defined all your needs directly in Unity editor.
  • Add Midi Audio Source Prefab in your scene as much as you want.
  • Add Midi files as much as you want.
  • Play / Paused automatically based on distance. For example : attach MidiFilePlayers PreFab to your objects in your scene, music will be played based on the Camera location (Virtual World, FPS, ...)
  • API available to integrate MPTK in your application for more complex interaction.
  • SoundFont are used to associated waves to each notes to play.
  • Full source code.

Please, have a look to theses pages :



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Midi File Player Tool Kit Inspector:

Midi Syntesizer:


Setup SoundFonts:


Setup Midi files:

A lot of demonstration are available:


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