A StrongBox Drive : Stores all your secrets in one place

Manage your secret life : web, bank, social, photo, free text, calendar, custo and synchronize between phone, desktop, tablet with a high level of encryption (AES 256 bits).

    • User defined category

    • Choose between, Manual, Automatic or None for the synchronization between all devices

    • In case of loss or hardware failure, you will retrieve all your secrets Store by category, including photo, calendar with toast alert and free text

    • Use of visual digital key for easy to remember and secure access

    • Automatic back at authentication screen after a delay

    • Several key management to allows differents sets of secrets

    • Use of animation when it is justified

    • Flat edit mode (no specific screen to edit the contents) Multilingual

Download windows

Download phone

BounceBall : A free game for Windows Phone

You can participate to enhance this game : download the level editor and send me your creation.





A level editor :

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