BounceBall : A free game for Windows Phone

This game will be available soon, you can participate ! Download the level editor and send me your creation.





A level editor :

StrongBox: save your secrets within your Windows Phone 7 mobile in a crypted place.

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Passwords, pictures, websites, all are encrypted with an AES 256 bits algo. A fast and intuitive method to enter your master password :

You can also store and crypte yours picture :

A Free software for PC allows you to save, restore from your phone. You never lost your secrets !

Your secrets are never transmitted over the Internet, you remain in control of your privacy.

Download StrongBox Server here ....

More details here ...

Bachmann3D : a Windows Phone Game like Pacman but in a 3D Universe !!!

StupidRobot : a Free Windows Phone Game where you have to drive a colony of robot

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